Moments that Matter

Who is a Caregiver

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Who is a Caregiver

We, as caregivers, are the BOAT PEOPLE!

Although no two loved ones are alike, no two caregivers are alike and no two journeys will ever be alike…we are all in the same boat…all facing an incredible challenge.

The National Alliance for Caregiving estimates that 65.7 million Americans served as unpaid family caregivers for an ill or disabled relative in the past year. 

Never feel alone, we can pray for each other and lean on God’s strength to help us through each day by joining a Caregiver Support Group.

The book, Moments that Matter, has been an encouragement and comfort during a season of stress. It affirms that even small moments are valuable. Rene Adam, Caregiver ★★★★★
  Cattaraugus, New York