Moments that Matter

A roadmap for caregivers and their loved ones with memory loss

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This is NOT another MEDICAL BOOK

It is a down-to-earth, jump-in jump-out, guide that helps you personalize your memory loss journey.

This is NOT a one-size-fits-all BOOK

Every caregiver’s situation is different. Every loved one is different.

Learn to make your journey your own:

Discover the changes that affect you and your loved one

Recognize and adjust to the symptoms of each stage

Plan and implement the included activities


Each day will bring new challenges, sadly, it is a downhill journey. 

Choose a positive quality of life approach...

Choose to make Moments that Matter!

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When my mom could no longer do many things, Moments that Matter, helped me realize how important our time together is. I have many joyful moments to hold onto forever. Deborah Wells, Caregiver, Senior Healthcare Professional
Belleview, Florida
An incredible resource to share with caregivers. It provides guidance, encouragement and practical help! Moments that Matter is an excellent book filled with successful strategies! Wanda Brett, Women's Ministry Director, Village View Community Church
Summerfield, Florida
A MUST-HAVE reference and resource guide that helps caregivers and their loved ones “Finish Well” in life! Dr. JO Studer, Licensed Psychologist, Geriatrics Memory Specialist
The Villages, Florida
Moments that Matter gave me ideas for re-directing, stimulating and occupying my patients. Nancy Wares, Respite Caregiver
Little Valley, New York
The book, Moments that Matter, has been an encouragement and comfort during a season of stress. It affirms that even small moments are valuable. Rene Adam, Caregiver
Cattaraugus, New York
This book helps others better understand and cope with what is happening now and with preparing them for the future.” I sent it to my friend, Ann, who said, “An absolutely lovely book. It was helpful, inspiring and brought me to tears a couple of times. It gave me a whole new perspective and brought peace and comfort to this house. It also ministered to me as a wife that misses the husband, that he was…before…now. Kathy Goodsell, Discipleship Ministries
The Villages, Florida